For some years, especially since the internet became an abundant source of research, I collected audio and video recordings as well as cd's and vinyl records of my father, the cellist Tibor de Machula who passed away in 1982. Collegues from the Royal Concertgebouworchestra and pupils raved about his unique qualities as a cellist, a teacher and also human being. I was barely 19 years old when he passed away, but I was very aware of his presence, an example of integrity and a great musician as well. His generation, the 'uncles' that I knew in my childhood, were people like Bernard Haitink, Herman Krebbers, Theo Olof, all of them have a respectable age now. However, the young cellists hardly know my father, they may know his name but there is no source of knowledge about his playing, teaching, or essence. With my profession, being a new media designer I had the tools to make an educative DVD and website, about Tibor's life and work. I interviewed pupils and collegues on DV camera, all 'uncles' were moving and unique in their support. I found material in the archives of the dutch broadcasing companies, and digged in my own. From this material I tried to distill the essence of my father in 4 short movies for the DVD.

You may ask for a copy by e-mail, machula @